name: Joyce J. P.
sweet 15
school: gymnasium
music: Punk, Rock, Indie
instrument: drums
city: cologne <3
country: germany/italia


totally crazy. She loves exordinary clothes & music. She's got her own style. She sings under the shower. She's loud and when she laughts she also grunts. She loves her darling and her friends. She would die for them. She wants to be more than just 'anybody'. She feels like [within.tragedy]. She's NOT emo. She hates Tokio Hotel, US5 & such bands, if yu might call them bands. You wont understand her. Almost noone does.
She thinks that she'll die very early. She loves music & she loves to jump around. When she's happy she will hug you. If she's sad she will give you a slap in the face. She can laught about her self, but not so loud as she can laught about the others. She's damn in love. <3



* victim.
the page..
* her favorite victims
*her favorite drug. <3
0ther drugs...
cures o


musiic *-*
x Playlist x
her favorite...

mhh ♥

She's already dead. You just don't know it yet. ♥

Made of
[Punk.Sternle] [Bild.Er]

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