name: Nico G.
city: Frankenthal
age: 18
school: gymnasium

since: 16.09.06
till: end of time? x:

He is..
always there when she needs him. Her one & only. Undiscribealble. More than she deserves. He is everything she ever wanted. And he's all that she needs. When he laughts she laughts, too. Even when she's mad at him. His kiss tastes sweet. No matter if he ate zirones. He loves her, but not as much as she loves him. She would do everything for him. He's the reason why she lives. He is more than just 'anybody'. He gives her hope, when she's down. He tells her, that she's the only one. Even hearing this makes her happy, no matter if its true. He makes jokes of her, but she laughts. He hears great music. She thinks that he could have much better girls, but he doesn't agree. Thats one more reason why she loves him. He understands her. He knows what she likes and what she hates. He brings out the best in her. <3



* victim.
the page..
* her favorite victims
*her favorite drug. <3
0ther drugs...
cures o


musiic *-*
x Playlist x
her favorite...

mhh ♥

She's already dead. You just don't know it yet. ♥

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