She's going to...

Visit a lot of people; friends, familie & so on. She will go swimming with her gurLs & she will rock on a few concerts. She will rock europapark & then she will fly to empuriá brava in spain with her darling. She will write a few songs & poems. She will meet new people, wich she will hate or like.
She will save all her money for the holliday. She will miss her darling, like she always does, when he's not next to her. She will try to be happy, when she's sad and she will learn for maths and latein.


* victim.
the page..
* her favorite victims
*her favorite drug. <3
0ther drugs...
cures o


musiic *-*
x Playlist x
her favorite...

mhh ♥

She's already dead. You just don't know it yet. ♥

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